Housing Stabilization

inflogovariations-01llc.pngA Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)

Central Baptist CDC’S Housing Division Expanded and Renamed

On April 20 2018, Inter-Neighborhood Foundation, a Wilmington-based Nonprofit Housing Development Organization founded in 1981 announced that it has chosen to continue its mission by joining Eastside Community Builders LLC, the housing development subsidiary of the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation (CB CDC). Through this synergistic transaction, INF’s legacy will be honored and its mission will continue through the work of CB CDC’s housing subsidiary which has been renamed Inter-Neighborhood Community Builders, LLC.  In addition, the transaction will strengthen Central Baptist CDC’s Housing Division with additional resources to deliver more high quality, affordable housing and livable wage employment opportunities to the Eastside and in areas formerly served by INF. The additional resources, talent, mission, and passion places the Eastside and other neighborhoods in Wilmington on a stronger footing to achieve a revitalization of both the people and the physical environment of a number of historic neighborhoods.

INF’s years of experience and excellent track record in housing development strengthens the Central Baptist CDC’S housing development subsidiary while also providing more opportunities for employment through it’s workforce development program. Timothy Crawl-Bey, who has led INF as its executive director, will bring his housing knowledge and expertise to Central Baptist CDC as the Director of real-estate and housing of the newly renamed housing subsidiary, Inter-Neighborhood Community Builders LLC.

Our Mission

 Our plan

  • Increasing the amount of housing opportunities while generating revenue through project related fees
  • INCREASE THE AVAILABILITY OF HOUSING for Eastside and other Delaware households through planning and partnerships

 Our Projects


Walnut Place is an eight unit townhome community located on the 1400 of block of Walnut Street in Wilmington, Delaware which was developed under the name of Inter-Neighborhood Foundation.

Central Baptist Community Development Corporation has purchased, will rehabilitate and redevelop, a vacant commercial and residential mixed-use property on the Eastside through our recently expanded housing division, Inter-Neighborhood Community Builders LLC. The CDC plans to rehabilitate the entire structure and rent out, one 2-bedroom and one, 3-bedroom affordable units to households at or below 50% of the Area Median Income. The three apartments will provide quality housing for residents, help support the project and develop lasting capacity-building in housing and commercial development for the CB CDC. The Wilmington Housing Authority will provide ‘project-based vouchers’ for the units to help ensure affordability since all units are aimed at households at or below 50% AMI.

The commercially zoned ground floor which has nearly 1300 square feet of space will house a coffee café/restaurant, which will be Wi-Fi equipped and feature specialty coffee products creating a space to enjoy coffee, good food and community. The plan is for the venture to bring employment opportunities for community residents and hopefully fuel other commercial interests to invest in the Eastside Community

Thursday December 8, 2016 INCB received Wilmington City Council approval to acquire 400-402 W. 30th St.  from City’s property inventory. Along with an agreement of sale to purchase 404-406 W. 30th St. from the Wilmington Housing Partnership, INCB plans to redevelop these long-term vacant units for homeownership.

“Over the past year, INCB has moved to expand its reach to other areas of Wilmington north of the Brandywine River. This is our first project in the 9th Ward and INCB F excited about the potential impact of restoring these vacant units”, says Timothy Crawl-Bey, Director of Real-Estate and Housing for INCB. We anticipate this to be the first of many development projects to come.”

Inter-Neighborhood Community Builders LLC is currently renovating the historic Eastside church located at 922 Lombard Street

The church will be renovated and repurposed to house the expanded Eastside Rising Training Center, retail and wholesale produce distribution through Urban Acres LLC, as well as new corporate offices for our parent company Central Baptist Community Development Corporation. The attached parsonage is being converted into two affordable apartment units and the parking lot is being repaved and re-striped