Eastside Rising Career Development Center

Our Model

Eastside Rising Career Development Center provides training and support services that give individuals in the Wilmington area the technical and social skills to succeed in the workforce.

Our Career Development service model has changed to continue to serve the people we were called to serve but also serve anyone from anywhere in the United States.  In partnership with Delaware State University’s Adult and Continuing Education, we are now able to offer over 100 different online certification courses. 

In this “new normal”, we recognize that we need to continue to serve and adapt. This partnership, allows us to continue our mission better than before. Eastside Rising Career Development Center now offers courses in the following areas:

  • Academic Studies
  • Software and IT
  • Business and Management
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Resources 
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance

We are excited and grateful for this new opportunity! Along with the new classes the website has a fresh new look! 

Eastside Rising Career Development Center Website


In Partnership with

 Delaware State University Adult and Continuing Education

Eastside Employment Services (EES), LLC, is a temp to permanent hire job placement company. EES provides employers with a labor force as a temporary hiree for the typical 90-day probation hiring period. Upon completion of the 90-day period, the employer can hire the proven efficient and dependable hiree.

Our Services:
  • Customized curriculum and customer service training to match job descriptions
  • The trained workforce will reduce accidents and turnovers
  • Productive, dependable, and responsible hirees
  • Employers benefit from reduced cost and higher profits

Support Resources:

  • Certified trauma-informed Work Readiness/Soft Skills
  • Training as part of the screening process
  • Job Coaching that will ensure employee retention.
  • Case Management services that assist the hiree with any barriers to continued employment