Our three step asset based approach of Community Engagement, Community Involvement and community Organizing has brought together community residents, community churches, and community organizations for the purpose of developing a plan for the revitalization of our Eastside community.

The Result: A community developed vision and plan for the revitalization of our Eastside Called “Eastside Rising”

Eastside Rising: Eastside Rising focuses on three mutually reinforcing pillars that we feel are necessary for a healthy community

Housing Stabilization

Housing Stabilization

Our Vision is to create a mixed-income community of homeowners and renters who are economically and emotionally invested in the Eastside

Our Goal Build, remodel or refurbish or 135 home ownership opportunities over the next five years

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Our Vision to make the Eastside a self- sustaining community focused on technical as well as social skills that produces productive citizens and integrates them into the Eastside

Our Goal train 40 community members for skill-based jobs in construction and green technology sales and installation

Economic Empowerment

Our Vision Incubate small businesses in the food industry to improve access to healthy food while supporting entrepreneurship

Our Goal Grow and attract 20 small businesses with intent to employ 50 Eastside community members