Our Mission

Urban Acres’ mission is to serve high quality fruits and vegetables to those who otherwise don’t have access through pop-up stands or home delivery. Besides providing high quality fresh produce we also strive to provide jobs in the community , while building strong community relationships and partnerships.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce a healthier way of eating to adults and children. Urban Acres Produce is an LLC owned by the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation which was originally developed and founded through a church and community partnership for the purpose of addressing the lack of convenient access to healthy foods in low income sections of the Eastside and Northeast .This initiative is designed to enhance the distribution of Delaware fruits and vegetables to non-traditional and underserved markets in the state with the establishment of a local-focused distribution network linking Delaware producers with Delaware restaurants, schools, small retail outlets and other institutional outlets.

Our Story

In 2010,  Urban Acres started as one produce stand at 9th and Pine Street that operated on Saturdays.  Produce was purchased from two vendors and from our local community garden.

In 2016, Urban Acres closed on land donated by the Wilmington Housing Partnership which converted to a community and production garden.

In 2017, the Church Street Community Garden opened! The garden has 26 raised beds, 13 for community members and 13 for Urban Acres’ Produce.Members of the community use the garden as a meeting place to strengthen the community support. Vacant for many years, the properties became the centerpiece garden of the Eastside. Construction on the grounds transformed the property into a community garden where residents  have the opportunity to grow their own vegetables, and participate in other community activities.

Over ten years later, Urban Acres has expanded to seven locations, and has developed a partnership with Christiana Care to participate in “prescription produce” which is a research project to study the effect a change to a high vegetable and fruit diet would have on patient health. In this program, Urban Acres delivers produce to the homes of Christiana Health Care patients as well as having stands outside of several Christiana Hospitals in New Castle County.


Meet the Urban Acres Team

Urban Acres and COVID-19 

In an effort to be proactive Urban Acres Produce started to package fresh fruit and vegetables in packages with an average cost of $15.00 per package, that is delivered free to the clients.  Urban Acres has used 5 different sources to purchase produce with some produce donations. 

During the pandemic,  they have made a total of 1,928 deliveries.  One week they were able to make 235 deliveries.  Of those deliveries 1,207 were for voucher clients from Christiana Care and 721 were to residents in New Castle county from donations received.  Deliveries have been made all over New Castle County.  Produce is picked up on Monday and Urban Acres’ employees deliver to each family  from Tuesday to Friday each week.  A total of 244 families, 136 from Christiana and 98 from the community, have been benefited by our efforts.  With those deliveries we have driven a total of 3,875 miles using two vehicles and 6 staff members.

Urban Acres is grateful for all the donations received and will continue with this beneficial program as long as the donations continue to come in!


What’s Next For Urban Acres?

To fulfill its mission of addressing health disparities in low-income Wilmington, Delaware communities, Urban Acres Produce has created a new business model to build equity in our local food system.

Urban Acres provides a sliding scale delivery subscription that asks every participant to assess their financial situation and how it may affect a better food system, one that provides access to the same high-quality, fresh foods for everyone. In addition, Urban Acres understands that there are many aspects to improving our food system. Urban Acres strives to source from local small farmers and producers in Delaware and nearby. Our communities are stronger and more resilient when we support our small businesses.

How does Urban Acres sliding scale subscription work?

You choose your income/price level for your choice of subscription frequency. The higher-paying levels help to provide accessibility for lower-paying levels. We even offer a scholarship fund for participants that need extra help. But, again, this is made possible by customer participation. 

What are the sliding scale levels?

Urban Acres Produce sliding scale levels are as follows. First, consider your income level and current needs. We provide a household income range as a guide but understand that situations are unique, so you will need to think about your situation and what will fit your budget. 

Payment LevelsRecommended Household Income
First Level$0-$40,000
Second Level$40,000-$80,000
Third Level$80,000+
Contributor LevelPayment Provides a full subsidy to a First Level Customer

What is in an Urban Acres subscription?

Urban Acres provides a seasonal, mostly locally grown selection of fresh produce of our choice (at this time). We want you to love your subscription and will accommodate some customization. We hope to expand customizing options as we grow. In addition, we offer a selection of add-on items that may be subscribed or for a one-time purchase. Everything is delivered to you in a reusable tote that is returned to us, and another way that we can benefit the community is by reducing waste.