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Eastside Career Development Center

Our Model

Central Baptist Community Development Corporation’s Eastside Career Development Center comprehensively addresses any barriers that our learners may encounter.  Our learners go through a quality and rigorous workforce training program designed for economic and social sustainability. ECDC is committed to educate, equip, engage, encourage and empower the learners for their overall success. 

ECDC will provide resources and training opportunities to meet industry in-demand occupations by connecting quality training to those in the community.  We partner with businesses, organizations, agencies, and groups to promote the area’s economic and training goals to bridge the skills gap and build a quality workforce of citizens in Delaware, the Tristate region, and globally.

College and Career Readiness Programs

  • College placement assessment (pre and post)
  • Workshops on testing strategies
  • Best practices for closing the skills gap
  • Credentialing programs leading to workforce sustainability

Career & Enrichment Exploratory Program
Program components:

  •  Get connected to professionals (mentorship) in the industry of your choice.
  • Career Coaching
  • Workshops on self-advocacy, critical thinking, soft skills, and life & career exercises.
  • Seminars and activities on workplace readiness, career exploration, work-based learning, and college readiness.
  • Pathways training plans for current goals and life after high school.
  • Certificate of completion and gift card for participation.

Program Benefits

  • Over 100 mobile-ready career programs
  • Dedicated support for learning
  • Campus Ed library and services
  • Employer resources
  • Program selection based on learner assessment
  • Full-service certifications – in-demand industries
  • Academic fundamental programs
  • Enrichment programs
  • Micro-certifications
  • Employability & Career Development assessment
  • Networking & mentoring engagement
  • International & National recognition certification
  • Externships and placement assistance

Want to Donate to ECDC? Timing is Key!

Timing is Key! Eastside Career Development Center is considered a qualifying program for the NAA tax credit. If you are interested in donating and receiving this tax credit, click here.