Central Baptist Community Development Corporation is a recognized 501c3, CDC located in the heart of the Eastside community of Wilmington, Delaware. It has a board that is emotionally connected with the community and passionately concerned about the community’s success. It has a strong connection to the pulse of the Wilmington Eastside community having eighty one percent (81%) of its board comprised of people who live, work, worship or serve on the Eastside Community. Of that eighty one percent, forty percent (40%) are Eastside civic leaders, residents and homeowners.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the setting for community members to engage in the process of change, which results in the overall transformation of their lives and their community. 

Our Vision

Central Baptist Community Development Corporation is a local urban community organization where community members are empowered connected and given the opportunity to contribute toward building and strengthening the community that they live, work, worship and serve in. 

Our Values

Every Person Valued, Every Person Connected, Every Person Accountable