Central Baptist Community Development Corporation is a recognized 501c3, CDC located in the heart of the Eastside community of Wilmington, Delaware. It has a board that is emotionally connected with the community and passionately concerned about the community’s success. It has a strong connection to the pulse of the Wilmington Eastside community having eighty one percent (81%) of its board comprised of people who live, work, worship or serve on the Eastside Community. Of that eighty one percent, forty percent (40%) are Eastside civic leaders, residents and homeowners.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a structure for community interaction that empowers people to engage in the process of change, which results in the physical, social and spiritual/physiological transformation of their community.

Our Vision

Central Baptist CDC seeks to be a centrally located urban community organization where people are empowered, connected and then given the opportunity to contribute toward building, strengthening, and revitalizing the community in which we live, work, worship or serve.

Our Values

Every Person Valued, Every Person Connected, Every Person Accountable

Our Methodology
Our methodology used the principles of asset-based, community development, developed by John McKnight and John P. Kretzmann at the institute for public policy at Northeastern University. As opposed to the needs based approach focus on deficiencies, which we had seen taken by many healthcare and service providers in the past, our asset based approach focused on identifying the gifts and resources already in our community through asset mapping. At the core of the initiative was our belief that residents of the Eastside community had the inherent vision and ability to effectively transform our community in a way that would bring pride and dignity back to the Eastside.