Revitalization on 10th & Lombard

“We are ready to renovate this vacant building into a transformative community space that will serve the social and cultural needs of our community. “

Wilmington, Delaware’s own, Central Baptist Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Culture Restoration Project, Inc. have joined forces to build an institution in the heart of the city’s historic Eastside. The former house of worship on the corner of 10th and Lombard Streets is owned by Central Baptist CDC. We are ready to renovate this vacant building into a transformative community space that will serve the social and cultural needs of our community. 

This community space is built for the people and by the people. Therefore the first seeds sown into its renovation should come from our local and national village. Wilmington’s Eastside is a proud and historic African American community that, like many black communities across our country, is suffering from America’s oppressive systemic racial injustices. 

Through our collaborative effort, Central Baptist CDC and Culture Restoration Project, Inc. will build a community space for the Eastside and the greater City of Wilmington to help raise, uplift, and educate our village for generations to come. We will support neighborhood revitalization from WITHIN the community while offering tools for cultural awakening and self-sufficiency. We plan to transform the corner of 10th and Lombard into a safe, culturally centered place of empowerment for the City of Wilmington. We will serve the community through intentional cultural refinement, employment training, job placement, entrepreneurship support, access to fresh, healthy produce, and high-quality, affordable housing opportunities. 

The only way that we can make this beautiful plan a reality is with your help!

There is a substantial amount of funds needed to renovate and restore the former church site on 10th and Lombard. We understand it will take multiple funding sources to bring this community plan to fruition. However, we have taken the first step. Central Baptist CDC purchased the property and maintains full ownership. The next step is up to YOU. 

We are confident that the self-determined spirit of our local and national community can raise the funds necessary to start renovations. Your contributions will enable us to secure additional resources from the national philanthropic sector to complete the project.

It is imperative that WE invest in ourselves to produce thriving communities that nurture our future leaders and visionaries. 

Please consider donating to support the renovation of this transformative community institution on 10th and Lombard in the historic Eastside of Wilmington, Delaware. We have the power to change our future. 

Please take action. Donate today!


Culture Restoration Project

Culture Restoration Projection currently offers various youth enrichment programming and serves as organizers for arts and culture events throughout the city. Through our partnership with Central Baptist CDC, we plan to manage a culture center at 10th and Lombard to house all of our youth programs and cultural activities. In addition to our youth programs, which are our primary service to the community, we will provide health and wellness sessions, healing drum circles, teen roundtables, art classes, and other activities to engage community members.

“Mask” is just one of the songs created by students in the Beyond those Bars program. 

Beyond Those Bars – is a curriculum-based hip-hop program that focuses on building confidence, communication, and character. Students address social issues research and song. This program is for students ages 11-13 for 16 weeks.

Beyond Those Bars Teen Artist Development – for teens 14-17 who are interested in the hip-hop industry and entrepreneurship. We guide them through the process of writing, recording, and releasing a full music project. We work specifically with at-risk teens who have been or are on the track to being involved in violent criminal activity/criminal justice system to keep them off the streets. This program lasts 6-12 months, depending on the time it takes for the student to complete their assignments and their final project.