Ivey Ahmed Ibrahim is a highly motivated, goal oriented, results driven, dedicated, confident and personable professional with over 30 years of management experience and business development. As an entrepreneur, Ivey was Co-Founder of Boyd-Ivey Marketing, Inc. and Fresh Look Products, Inc. Impact Marketing & Sales is a sole proprietor consulting firm that provide business development training and technical assistance.

Entrepreneurship provided knowledge and skills that has enabled Ivey to develop services in the not for profit industry. Ivey was appointed by the Mayor of Wilmington Delaware in 2013 to create a Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Development. In 2017 Central Baptist Community Development Corporation hired Ivey as Workforce Development Director. Utilizing Ivey’s management experience, he has been asked to serve in different roles with Central Baptist CDC to help develop programs and services to provide training and employment for residents of Wilmington.

Service to the community on a voluntary basis has also been part of the contributions that Ivey has made. Serving as President of the 1st District Neighborhood Planning Council from 1990 – 2005 and Founding Board President of the Police Athletic League of Wilmington from 1999 – 2004 Ivey made significant improvements in the physical environment and quality of life for the residents that live in that area.

Relationships and team building are foundations to successful business development. Strategic planning, critical thinking skills and good decision making has enable Ivey to solve problems and implement operational systems and marketing strategies that have contributed to the success of the businesses and organizations that he has served.


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