Reverend Keeling is President/ Chief Executive Officer of the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation. When he is not working for the Central Baptist CDC, he is also the Pastor of Central Baptist Church. He believes in focusing on the betterment of the whole person rather than focusing on just their soul. He has years of business experience that has led him to start Central Baptist Community Development Corporation.

Under his leadership the Central Baptist CDC has established Urban Acres LLC, which provides locally grown produce to communities designated as food desert. To address the need for employment resources the corporation began Eastside Rising Career Development Center and Eastside Employment Services.  Eastside Rising Career Development Center provides trainees with the soft and technical skills that will ensure that they are job-ready and can be successful in our community.  Eastside Employment Services LLC, which provides placement of those trainees as well as case management focused on removing the barriers that may hinder applicants’ success.

Dr. Keeling is also Chairman of The Eastside Blueprint where their asset-based approach has resulted in the community developed plan known as Eastside Rising. The plan, implemented by the community through the CDC, has empowered the Eastside community to provide opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, affordable housing along with a new sense of pride to the Eastside Community.

Dr. Keeling is a graduate of New Brunswick Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Divinity and his Doctor of Ministry degree in Metro-Urban Ministry.

When he isn’t working hard to better the Wilmington community. He enjoys vacationing with his family, cruising to other countries and watching sports.

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